Masaharu Fukuyama to come into view on Kohaku by means of live transmit from his performance concert

Masaharu Fukuyama
Masaharu Fukuyama wish be accomplish in 2 dissimilar locations at the identical interval on New Year's Eve! even though he has before appoint in his agenda as Dec 31st with his possess countdown live Fukuyama Fuyu no Daikanshasai Sono 10 from Pacifico Yokohama, organizers for NHK is Kohaku Uta Gassen go on utterly enthusiastic to procure him on their presentation.

Later most rounds of argument, it was at last clear that Fukuyama's presentation on Kohaku will be done by way of a live transmit from his display. Fukuyama commentate "Unfortunately, I can not complete attending the NHK Hall, however I am ungrudging to take part in it from my live concert performance, in keeping with Kohaku composition this year, Let's conjoin during music."

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