Perfume mightiness compose one of their songs in new record

A past converse of Perfume, A-chan said that she had asked her display, Nakata, if he would afford Perfume themsleves create at littlest one strain from their upcoming record. She was speedily spurned by Nakata but she responded frustratingly with, "Do you rattling believe that a lot of mentation went into my content?"

A-chan desired her shaper to screw that Toiletries rattling sought to object themselves and penning a strain is definitely one of them. Nakata eventually answered forceful A-chan that he testament be expecting something from them in the later. With a care at foregone Perfume story, whenever A-chan speaks up some Perfume's goals, they e'er came genuine. Information specified as Budoukan concert, Kohaku Uta Gasen, and Tokyo Dome concert. With this in intelligence, fans can hopefully wait a strain scrivened by Perfume in their upcoming 4th record!

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