S/mileage announces 4th single and Christmastide circumstance

Hello! Project band, S/mileage has declared their initial lone of 2011. The band will issue their 4th lonesome, Shortcut on Feb 9, 2011.

For this only there will be a comprehensive show of versions: Qualified Edition A/B/C/D, and a mean edition. Apiece variation will originate with an daring utter. Modest Editions A~C will proceed with a payment DVD and programme paper. The pairing songs dissent between all editions including the natural edition.

Types A~C toll ¥1,600 ($18.87 USD), time Typewrite D and average editions value ¥1,000 ($11.80 USD).

The combine will also materialize at the Mama & Kids Christmas Fashion Event on Dec 23, 2010. It will be held at the Sunshine City Alpa B1, in face of the thing flowing.

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