SUPER GiRLS inform Ustream recording of Itoyokado ending trip end

New star band SUPER GiRLS obtain spend the month of Nov on theirs Itoyokado firstly public appear trip arouse their titles out on the public and yesterday all have their ending accomplishment within Tokyo placed at the Kitasuna Ario. Fortunately for total the admirers that could not reach it to the occurrence, Avex obtain clear into upload a stream of the whole presentation to the SUPER GiRLS official Ustream!

The stars uncover up the exhibit with their new track Miracle ga Tomannai! previous to introducing themselves to entire the inexperienced devotee. Even though the bands obtain just been nearly for a few months they already have quite the blessed fanbase who can be hear aloud applause throughout the whole live.

They prolonged the ending untaped with operations of their new music Renai Rule and Yume no Inryoku previous to closing out the live with Be With You.

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