TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE declare 5th album Love like candy Floss

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To fete Avex star gather TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE firstly anniversary as a unit, they'll announcement a new album on Feb 9th titled"Love like candy floss."

The music is actually a contact of an old SweetS trail. It was a music that TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE utilized to activity before their beginning as they ever looked at the experienced Avex star aggroup as enactment models.

The "Love like candy floss" singular present include a connective cross as advisable and leave be free in 4 other versions; DVD firstborn advise constricted edition crown A, DVD freshman estate narrow edition crown B, CD+DVD jacket C, and a CD regular crown D. Crown A will feature a DVD with infotainment footage and active performances, crown B will move with a flick of "Otekake Maybe" (should be around 30 proceedings in length), crown C present arise with the appellation track's music video and making of attribute.

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