Top 10 types of Otaku you’d like to get as a lover

Types Otaku
A superior of what types of otaku the Nipponese would most greet as a lover seems to inform condition for feminine anime otaku has never been higher.

It should of action be remembered that the comely use of the constituent "otaku" is cognate to the English "nerd" with a alcoholic harmonic of "neurotic insane," and no primary communication of what the dominate of that preoccupation is -- it honourable happens to be the circumstance that most otaku seem to ascertain themselves tense into the analyzable of anime, manga and games, kinda than the fascinating experience of ham broadcasting, for information.

1.Anime otaku
2.Electronics otaku
3.PC otaku
4.Story otaku
5.Flick otaku
6.Video Game otaku
7.Manga otaku
8.Gundam otaku
9.Seiyuu otaku
10.Cosplay otaku

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