Toradora! Non Scale Pre-Painted Gutto Kuru PVC Figure: Taiga Aisaka

Taiga Aisaka
Gutto Kuru Figure Collection 40 Toradora! Taiga Aisaka CMs Corporation, Official Gutto Kuru Figure, Height: approx. 18cm.

Brutal! Atrocious! The strongest heroine (The Palmtop Tiger herself!), Taiga Aisaka is here in the Gutto Kuru Collection!

Starting as an explosively successful light novel, followed up by a manga version and finally a TV anime adaptation in 2008 ToraDora! maintains a strong following even after the main story has wrapped up!

And since its the Gutto Kuru collection you know this figure will include all the amazing story-specific accessories and option parts that you need to create your very own palmtop-size Taiga figure!

Set includes:
Main Figure (School Uniform)
Option Face x 4
Option Hand x 9
Palmtop Tiger
Wooden Sword
New GuColle Stand
Description from Manufacturer

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