YamaP concert in Hong Kong overflowing deluge! All 2 tickets around sold out and plans to launch around more

YamaP concert in Hong Kong
On December 12 Tomohisa Yamashita or YamaP. Member of idol group famous. "NEWS" from Johnny's camp. Travel to Hong Kong to promote the event his first solo concert on your own. Among those fans waiting at a crowded airport. Selling tickets before the official opening on 13 December that all tickets had been sold out since the early hours. To the organizer announced the addition of two more shows soon around at 15.00 am on 29 and 30 January 2011.

YamaP scheduled his own solo tour. All 29 concert (previously 27 but just two more cycles in Hong Kong.) Of the 10 city and even though most of this concert will be in Japan The tour will also include another 12 concerts in five cities overseas. Starting in Hong Kong is also the first country.

Yamashita YamaP are interested in activities outside the country. NEWS After the show went live in Taiwan in 2007. And get feedback from the fans perfectly. Now he has another chance to solo in front of foreign audiences. Due to current K-POP are getting very popular in Japan and other Asian countries. Yamashita said he would like to see the fans. Content with just Johnny's. Japan will be able to do so.

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