4 new members of the girl band Morning Musume

Has announced a fourth girl to being members of Class 9 of the Morning Musume girl group popular in Japan came out already with the four girls between the ages of 12 to 14 year were selected from participants apply than 9000 people

In Hello! Project 2011 Winter: Kangei Shinsen Matsuri, held in Tokyo on January 2 last. Has announced the four young members of the Class 9 Morning Musume. Which has been selected by step I took the 3 year 9 month from 9,000 applicants. by round and became the newest member of the girl groups that were established to 13 years. Erina Ikuta age 13 years, Riho Sayashi Kanon Suzuki and aged 12 years. Mizuki Fukumura, while 14-year-old former member of Hello! Pro Egg who is under the same

Presence of more than 2,000 fans. Ikuta mention the opportunity to acknowledge It was a fairly long journey. Than to get to this point, I almost can not wait to show their own abilities to the full.

Morning Musume group of female singers wore Hello! Project from the administration of Tsunku or Terada Mitsuo. That acts producer and songwriter for the band. The initial results since 1997 and was recorded as the singer with the highest sales performance ever in Japan. Today, Ai Takahashi 24 years old, who was leader. Membership in the longest period since 2001.

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