Amagami SS Original Soundtrack

Amagami SS Original Soundtrack
Amagami SS Original Soundtrack
Published By : Pony Canyon
Release Date : 1 December 2010
Catalog No. : PCCG-1115
Number of Discs : 1

1.Dedicated to the birds
2.Flower of life
3.The place I met you
4.Dog and flowers
5.After the shower
6.Secret motion
7.She's walking with flowers
8.The distance
9.You are so sunshine
10.Melody of a lachrymal gland
11.Elephant dance
12.The first feeling
13.Glamorous switch
14.Swimming in the night air
15.Her heart is jumping around
16.Close encounters of the third kind
17.Girl's talk
18.Cabbage's tears
19.A beautiful lie
20.A crescent moon in the daylight
21.After all
22.A labyrinth of love
23.Green tea for two
24.Perspective of a toy poodle
25.Stand up! My soul!
26.The reincarnation of Queen
27.The heartbeat you never know
28.Orange clover
29.Rose drawn in sumi
30.Remember today
31.A little bird on my hand
32.Thousands of miracles
33.My blue galaxy

Amagami SS story follows the typical boy-meets-girl and they fall in love type of story. It's told in a dating sim style. This anime is in an omnibus format so each character would get there own arc. At the end of every arc, it immediately goes into setting up the foundation for the next heroine in the next episode. The final episode also explains why the other girls back off when he goes after a particular girl. The heroines are very diverse, each with a distinct personality and status. The artwork was pretty average. The opening and endings were both very good. It was very enjoyable. I recommend this to all that are fans to the romance genre.

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