LovePlus on 3DS can recognize the faces of players

Konami Co., developer of Project LovePlus or games dating a beautiful girl in the virtual world. The player's mission is. The girl of my dreams, won in the game to get. LovePlus said after the highly popular among players DSi a man with no girlfriend. (Or has already?) Has developed the latest version of the new Project LovePlus game played on Nintendo 3DS. To be more intelligent. In addition to the sensor. accelerometer and Gyro to display 3D effects, post to Manaka and women in the virtual world. The company also added the ability to remember the beautiful game in front of the players also. Case when other people play this game you secretly Manaka does not recognize them and to ask that "Who are you?" The system Konami is called the Boyfriend Lock. The result of this function will make the players feel closer to his girlfriend in the virtual world even more.

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