Summer Wars Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kazuma Ikezawa & King Kazuma

Kazuma Ikezawa & King Kazuma
Summer Wars Kazuma Ikezawa and King Kazma Complete Figure Alter, Official Summer Wars Figure, Height: approx.90mm (Ikezawa) - 220mm (King Kazuma), Sculpted by Sen-U Tanaka

From the film Summer Wars comes the undisputed champion of fighting games in the online world of OZ, King Kazuma, along with his "player", Kazuma Ikezawa as an amazing new PVC Figure set. Kazuma has been perfectly sculpted with every detail of his physique and trademark hairstyle expertly rendered. His long bangs conceal his one eye, but his other holds a powerful gaze - giving the exact same impression he gave in the film. Kazuma's suntanned skin and tank-top are rendered in movie-authentic colors, and his notebook PC and headphones are also included. King Kazma is depicted as he was gearing up for war in OZ - his down jacked rippling in the wind and every detail of his character, right down to the tips of his ears, perfectly rendered.
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