Criminal Girls Original Soundtrack

Criminal Girls Original Soundtrack
Criminal Girls Original Soundtrack
Published By : 5pb.Records
Release Date : 4 November 2010
Catalog No. : VGCD-0206
Number of Discs : 2

Disc 1
1.Prison and Fetters
2.Encounter in the Mud
3.Scorched in the Joy
4.Bewitching Labyrinth
5.Inevitable Past
6.Crimson Purgatory
7.Providential Abyss
8.Frightful Melody! Like a Dancing Paganini!
9.Mess Around! Till the End of that World!
10.What that Hell Offers
11.Kizuna Battle
12.Decisive Battle
13.Time to Rest
14.Punish Time
15.Punish Time 2
16.A Hell of Daily Life
17.Fun Time
18.Sweet Moments
19.Dangerous Time
20.Passing Sorrow
21.The Girls' Determination
22.The Sacred Precincts
23.Calm Days
24.To a New Future

Disc 2
1.I Can Fly (Short ver.)
2.Venus Mirror
3.Everyone... Please Don't Die
4.Love Games
5.Notice Me...
6.All Energy Straight
7.One Two Three, Sir
8.I Love It
9.On Our Way (Short ver.)
10.Venus Mirror (Bonus Track ver.)
11.I Can Fly (Short ver. Instrumental)
12.Venus Mirror (Instrumental)
13.Everyone... Please Don't Die (Instrumental)
14.Love Games (Instrumental)
15.Notice Me... (Instrumental)
16.All Energy Straight (Instrumental)
17.One Two Three, Sir (Instrumental)
18.I Love It (Instrumental)
19.On Our Way (Short ver. Instrumental)

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