Fate/stay night 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Saber Summer Ver.

Saber Summer
Fate/stay night 1/8 Saber Summer Ver. Complete Figure Alter, Official Fate/hollow ataraxia Figure, Height: approx. 200mm. Sculpted by Toshiaki Numakura
セイバー Minister Swordsman type of Shiro, She reacted to cold-sober habit's loyal master. Shiro due to a few magic, Saber tries to avoid fighting for use the magic of Shiro factors helped her maintain on the human world as long as possible. She also finds more magic by eating lots of food. Saber oppressive behaviors like risk for protect others of Shiro, She believes that this habit will lead to danger and failing to Shiro in the end.

From "Fate/stay night" comes a new version of Saber! Based on the illustration showed at the TYPE-MOON booth at Comic Market 76, The Wizards' Summer Vacation, this is a perfect representation of the distinctive posing and feeling from Takashi Takeuchi's illustration! Saber is depicted in a simple pose, and the simplicity of her outfit draws all attention to the beautiful detail in her face and hair. With a soft smile and gently flowing ribbon this figure perfectly captures Saber's quiet side.
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