Itano Tomomi sales of single high-ranking solo young artists after Utada Hikaru made

Itano Tomomi
After singer Itano Tomomi released result first solo music Dear J also she is a member of the most popular first-person girl group AKB48. Launched his own music with successful completion. Her latest record sales surpassed one hundred thousand already. Charted Oricon Weekly Singles 'Dear J' sales of about 163,000 sets by first day of release last 26 January 2011, and as the number one on charts until the release result TVXQ music single new set. Resulted in her falling to No. 2.

However, Itano Tomomi is a singer who first surpassed 150,000 sales set. Which Utada Hikaru was made on single Flavor Of Life about four years ago. There is also a Maki Goto former Morning Musume member ever deposits performance debut 'Ai no Bakayarou' about 10 years ago. Both had first week sales of 270,000 sets and 268,000 sets respectively. Called a long time ago will be singer sales of this size within one week

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