Shining Hearts 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kaguya

Shining Hearts KAGUYA Complete Figure Kotobukiya, Official Shining Hearts Figure, Height: approx. 215mm
SEGA announced Shining Hearts Game Department's latest RPG from the series's Shining PSP machines to the latest edition of a weekly magazine. The highlight of the game from this series these days, it's where the game characters. Tony Taka has a Khrprahm designed to always, The instructors include character designs are very cool girls, one in Japan that has it all. Music by Hiroki Kikuta's series of the game Legend of Mana, and music by Lia.

Playback system of Shining Hearts will be a typical RPG line. However, this sector will be added with Heartful system. By definition, that opened the door into the mind of the people. Confirm that no information about how this system that use. However, It may involve assistance to the mind and the memories of these characters in the game. The game will start from the character Rikku living peacefully in a small village on the island. With three other girls who are Neris, Airy and Amaru before something happens, and required to leave the island.

Modeler: Teruyuki (M Field)

"Kaguya", a mysterious character who lost memories and emotions which are story's key from "Shining Hearts" of SEGA's "RPG which will reach your heart" is here in 3D.

Her long black hair swaying with soft wind and her dress is made into 3D just how it was in the image drawn by Tony. White dress is expressed by coloring the transparent part and leaving some parts transparent, it adds more mysterious atmosphere with more 3D effect.
Her accessories are also made intricately taking its material concepts in mind. Her beautiful legs and gentle finger tips are also well made along with her detailed facial expression based on original illustration.
Description from Manufacturer

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