Shining Hearts Original Soundtrack

Shining Hearts Original Soundtrack
Shining Hearts Original Soundtrack
Published By : Pony Canyon
Release Date : 2 February 2011
Catalog No. : PCCG-90060
Number of Discs : 2

Disc 1
1.A Song Reaching the Heart (Type-A)
2.Shining Hearts (Main Theme)
3.Chirps of Little Birds
4.Magical Baking Studio hope ship life
6.Field Song
7.A Forest Engraved in Eternity
8.Dance of the Spirits
9.Flour, Eggs and Milk
10.Happy Days
11.Moonbow Maiden
12.Angel's Castle
13.Rural Scenery
14.Brave Fight
15.Going to the Vast Ocean
16.Hearts Together
17.Seashore Wind
18.Windy Path
19.Leisure Life
20.Scorching Ground
21.Iron Melody
22.Pirate Knights
23.A Moment Full of Smiles
24.Capricious Black Cat
25.Veil of the Night
26.The Witch's Mansion
27.Village of the Moonlight
28.Key of the Heart
29.The Roar of the Evil Beast
30.Determination Towards Victory
31.Song of Victory
32.A Great Challenge

Disc 2
1.A Song Reaching the Heart (Type-B)
2.Like a Storm
3.Gate in the Dreams
4.Sprouting Wind
6.A Lane in Bloom
7.Sorcerous Pirate
8.Peaceful Rage
9.Platinum Wind
10.A Leader's Capacity
11.Dry Wind
12.The Crisis Arrives
13.The Fang Shinobi
14.Concealed Feelings
15.Ancient Temple
16.Loving Heart
17.What Resides in the Abyss
18.A Closed World
19.Armored Pirate
20.Confrontation of Fate
21.The Bottom of the Darkness
22.The Awakening of the Machine God
23.Mechanical Pulsation
24.Jet Black Mist
25.Lost Heritage
26.From Beyond the Limits
27.Goddess in Black
28.Hymn of Happiness
29.A Bell Tolls in the Heart
30.World of Happiness (Ending)
31.White and Shadow ~Dance in the Dreams~ (Short version)

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