Top 10 child stars which the most successful

Top 10 child stars
10.Neil Patrick Harris
Come on industry while a young age played TV shows Doogie Howser and MD. Currently playing series How I Met your mother.
9.Alyssa Milano
Displayed is the daughter on a famous drama era 80 name Who's the boss, and a daughter, Arnold Schwarzenegger on action movies Commando and TV shows most popular show Charmed.
8.Elijah Wood
Start with a model and movie he was the most successful The Lord Of The Rings movie trilogy of the greatest on the decade.
7.Kirsten Dunst
When she was 10 years old performance was Interview with a vampire and 7 years later also was Spider Man.
6.Jennifer Connelly
At age 12 years, she has displayed movie Once Upon a Time in America later became known in Labyrinth. She was Oscar-branch contributions women performers from movie A Beautiful Mind.
5.Leonardo DiCaprio
At age 15 was play TV shows Parenthood later, movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
4.Christina Ricci
At age 6 years old, starred in the movie Mermaids and movie the Adams Family.
3.Christian Bale
At age 12, has starred on movies about World War II movie Empire of the Sun. Made him was awarded National Board of Review given to child actors.
2.Natalie Portman
When her children was performance was action movie Leon currently, the actress which became very successful one person of Hollywood.
1.Drew Barrymore
She is known from movie ET in 1982 currently she became a skilled actor and filmmaker as well.
Top child stars which the most successful

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