Top 10 most popular Zombie games

Top 10 Zombie games
10.House of the Dead
Legendary arcade games that makes them all gamers have to pay money to clear many of these games. But is a game of emotion and fun to be satisfied quite a lot. Whether will is a horror in house which we must go kill zombies or will be satisfied in a fun weapon and which effect is quite spectacular at that time. This game trusted gamers first generation easily.
9.Plants VS. Zombies
When they need to eliminate the Zombie walk into procession by using only the trees that we planted it. Money from the sunflower photosynthesis is a popular game that has played a lot.
8.Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Is horror mixed with cuteness. Which weapons used to eliminate the Zombie is a water gun and soda cans. Fun to eliminate the Zombie, but the fun is gone when your own neighbors, it becomes a Zombie too.
7.Hunter : The Reckoning
Emerged before the game Left 4 Dead with style of play is very similar. When all those gamers who have played the people who must survive the zombie situation everywhere with many weapons. Which is a fun game that is satisfied with effect of blood spatter.
6.Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pluse
This game will quite different from general Zombie game. When the players have played a Zombie and need to kill there shall for eat brain of those people. You do not have a Zombie only one person in the game, still have Zombie Army to assist you. To combat these forces of man.
5.Resident Evil
Origins series game Zombie renowned Resident Evil revenue explosive both game and movies. With contents characters and all of horror of the scene.
4.They Hunger
Content of this game is quite similar to game Left 4 Dead. When all these gamers must survive the threat to the safety of the Zombies. Which entire city was dominated by Zombies. Such as science laboratories, hospitals, radio stations and many others.
3.Left 4 Dead
If someone who is a fan game Zombies will know only too well that, Here's also one the best games for game Zombies and light scenes stories and many others details.
2.Dead Rising
from Capcom will not let you disappointed excitement and fun in a horror story. There are also missions, Provided these gamers were all fun continued. Which players have to adventure with lots Zombies in shopping malls. Weapons used are quite diverse whether will is a wooden baseball, trolley, electric saws or riding on a motorcycle to kill Zombies.
1.Resident Evil 2
Whether will is a more developed graphics and Zombies have been developed from the organization Umbrella. Make content and eliminate all Zombies more difficult than ever. Moreover, for controller makes a lot more fluid.

Top most popular Zombie games

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