Top 10 locations should not go

locations should not go
10.Centralia, Pennsylvania

Big fire happens in this town, the fire spread quickly. Even if they try to spend millions to put out the fire but not as effective ฟnd it is still burning until today.

Located near the border conflict, many years ago, travelers will be trying this place, often a dangerous group of bandits frequently.
8.Hanford Site
Due to the excessive production of plutonium's radioactive waste comes out a lot, the government does not plan to manage chemicals. This is why the area is filled with radioactive contamination.
This city became a center of chemical production and is marked have the worst pollution levels in one of the world, water contaminated with chemical residues and the city does not allow visitors from outside visitors.
Environment is dirty and very crowded, Vehicles can not access most areas, Poor drainage system, the city is filled with urine and waste are lead to the spread of communicable diseases.
Pollution is covered throughout the city, they cause pollution from coal-burning power plants and factories that use low-tech illegal use in production.
4.Room 39
Money laundering, set up a fake fund, counterfeiting money, illegal activities such as smuggling weapons, drugs.
Many damaged roads, several buildings were destroyed because of the bombs hit the city center. Pirate attacks on ships through the area every year.
Crime, the gangs of armed rampage Kidnapping burgle.
1.Orangi Town
Many businesses closed, streets were abandoned, people have lived in the house, but violence, rape, suicide bombings, kidnappings.
Top locations should not go

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