Yoshiki of X Japan will bring crystal piano tour around the world use the auction to help earthquake in Japan

Yoshiki leader, drums, piano of X Japan will bring most loved piano crystal used to tour around the world, auction to help earthquake in Japan.

Yoshiki usually live in Los Angeles, USA but came to Japan to temporarily oversee the fashion show and songwriting
Time an earthquake occurs, He is currently in the studio on the 11th floor. After seeing news of losses incurred. He scared a lot and decided to do something.

This crystal piano YOSHIKI logo on it, Many experts considered that evaluation can not. Piano crystal is used in concert around the world and will be auction for money to help the organization to the earthquake in Japan this time. In addition, YOSHIKI also plans to help through donations 'YOSHIKI FOUNDATION AMERICA' which is a foundation of his own as well.

After the earthquake, Yoshiki has updated its own situation and the band members at all times to relieve the concerns of fans around the world to worry about his safety. In summary, are "Thank you everyone who is worried about me, Even now I still keep in contact friends, some someone does not but I was able to contact all the members have already including mother and my own family"

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