Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns into 3DS

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns as a English version of the game story farmhouse, the newest sector of the machine DS. Japanese version called Harvest Moon: Twin Villages, This sector the Japanese version released on DS since on year 2010. Now, Natsume is confirmed made English version already but not just into on older version DS only and port into 3DS as well.

The story of this region will discuss at twin villages of agriculture focus made one which is in close proximity. A village focus livestock, but another a village focus planting. Even though it are twin village adjacent and focus agriculture as well, it looks like headman of the two village will not close together. Protagonist is a young boy or girl (can select gender) whice dream was to work the farmers this here but when met with headman who less close together. They decided to choose where to go first the village and finally they must find a way made two village is to be understandable. Play during the story has event will be competition between two village in ever.

Bluebell is a village livestock
village is suitable for players which like animals more than vegetables. Animals will rearing is very oodles such as cows, chickens, sheep, horses, dogs, cats and has nearby forest with several other animals such as monkeys and bears as well and items from the animals also took to process a lot Such as milk into cheese or butter.

Konohana is a village farming
village is a scene similar with the Japanese countryside. this here there is no livestock at all but will focus agricultural products. Whether it is vegetables, fruits, rice, beans, wheat. Which addition of fresh vegetables already. There are a lot of processing equipment. such as pickled or grinding made flour various.

New features system
- New animal species, such as rearing Alpacas (animals like camels mixed with ass) and beekeeper.
- Add a new pet, owl it will help us to jump from high places if the rearing until tame
- New agricultural system, such as turbines baler, milling machines, automatic water fountains and etc.
- Seeds many new species.
- Play online system, helping many people farming or racing mini-games Vegetables.
- Philander new system, increasing a date if you invite a date important point will be event.

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