Top 10 dangerous food many people like to eat

Top 10 dangerous food
10.Potato chips, snack foods
High temperatures cause the chemical Acrylimides out, is a substance to cause cancer and nerve damage.
One piece of donut flour carbohydrates is more 50%, are sodium salt is very high, cause body dehydrated.
8.Ice cream
Fat is very high, normal size 4 ounces are fat over 50% of the recommended fat consumption per day.
7.Boneless chicken pieces
Made from a piece of chicken that is not used, very few are actually made ​​from white meat, for eat at a time typically 340 for energy 50% calories as fat with flour bread mix is very.
6.Soft drink
Phosphoric acid is a highly acidic enough to dissolve nails within 4 days.
Wheat flour used as a kind of genetic trim of cotton oil in it.
4.Chocolate Cookies
Sugar are high in the 23 gram.
3.French fries
Fried at high temperatures cause chemical Acrylimides out..
2.Hot Dog
Made from meat, portion rest of the worst.
cause headaches and allergic reactions, MSG is a chemical laboratory makes use of animal fat.
Top dangerous food many people like to eat

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