Top 10 dogs suitable for family

dogs suitable for family
Is a very intelligent dog and likes to be near people. Therefore, training this dog is not difficult. But should not look forward to left alone because they felt a lack of love and feeling abandoned, which would make him depressed.
Whether any species and size, everyone is aware of the intelligence as well, they look intelligent lively and cheerful.
Is huge and thick feather, can withstand cold weather. Popular culture in Europe and America, habits intelligent, generosity, courage and honesty.
Perfect mix of a small dog both the strength, courage and quite clean.
6.Australian Shepherd
Dog herds sheep, find items and save lives. habits leisurely, peace loving and have feel relevant to the needs of the boss.
5.Shiba Inu
Japan dog species, their habits are similar Beagle is active dog enthusiast, like clean and love kids.
Hunting dog had a happy talent lots and easy adjusted.
3.Irish Setter
Are very friendly, they are polite with other dogs and loved and honesty.
2.Labrador Retrievers
Intelligent, enthusiastic, fun, like sympathize and is good guard dog because the barking sound deep bass.
1.Golden Retrievers
Intelligent, cute, cheerful, powerful and kind personality. Most importantly, has enthusiasm and the ability to adapt to many things very well.

Top dogs suitable for family

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