C OP Album - Matryoshka

C OP Album - Matryoshka
C OP Album - Matryoshka
Published By : Sony Music Entertainment
Release Date : 6 April 2011
Catalog No. : KSCL-1769
Number of Discs : 1

2.Mousou Taiin A
4.Page 1
5.Kimi Dake
8.Yuujou Sanka
10.Sudden Death Game

C The Money of Soul and Possibility Control is what i consider, a very good anime. The plot is very intriguing. The story centers around a guy named Kimimaro Yoga, who is a normal guy who wants to live a normal life. Basically it is about the world made for money and of money, a bank created by gods. The art in this anime is incomparable to any I've seen. Everything was so colorful. OP is very well done in both graphical and sound parts. This anime is great with amazingly real overtones about the current economy.

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