10 tricks for eat more fruits

eat more fruit
Eating fruits on a regular basis in moderation is beneficial to health by eating fruits and vegetables can protect against many chronic diseases. The fruit have essential nutrients for the body, such as potassium, fiber, vitamin C and folic acid. Most fruits are low fat, sodium and low calories.
1.Prepared fruits in a place you can get it easily, such as on the dining table or in the refrigerator.
2.Buying seasonal fruits will be fruits that are affordable and good taste.
3.Try to choose variety fruits, may be fresh fruits, canned fruits, dried fruits but dried fruits are high calorie.
4.Eating fresh fruits is better to drink only fruit juice because will get more fiber.
5.Try to be a good example to children for someone who have small children.
6.Can add fruit to health breakfast, like cereal with bananas or strawberries.
7.After lunch should eat fruits which can be easily purchased or prepared away from home.
8.If eat salads for dinner, you can add fruit to it, such as pineapple, grapes or berries.
9.Dried fruits is an alternative that can be easy to carry anywhere, but do not forget about calories even more.
10.Do not forget to wash the fruits to prevent pesticide residues or disease.

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