10 tricks for healthy meal

healthy meal
Try to choose foods that are good for health by using 10 simple tricks. Use these ideas to eat calories and choose foods that can be eaten as often and learn what foods should be avoided.
1.Learn about the calories, and the food that the body needs per day to control body weight as well as exercise to burn calories.
2.You can eat at the same but may have to eat less, do not eat faster, do not eat while doing something else because it makes you more than usual. Notice issue of hunger and satiety on a regular basis will help to control the amount better.
3.Avoid large dishes, using a dish to share only part of extent to yourself and do not regret, Avoid increasing the size, it does not help to save money but get extra calories as well.
4.The food that should be eaten frequently, including vegetables, fruits, cereals and milk or non-fat dairy products. These foods contain nutrients that your body needs, try to keep these foods are the basis of food that you eat on a regular basis as a habit.
5.In one dish should be fruits and vegetables half plate, trying to choose vegetables that are variety colors like red, orange, dark green such as tomatoes, bloccory, spinach, by adding fruit as part of a main dish or snacks.
6.Replace dairy products to non-fat or low-fat, you will still get the same nutrients and calcium but low calories and fat.
7.When eat starchy foods to try as a cereals, such as brown rice.
8.The foods that should be avoided or not eat every day, such as fat, sugar and salt as well as cakes, cookies, ice cream, syrup, soft drinks, pizza, fatty meats such as ribs, sausage, bacon and hotdog.
9.Do not forget to read the nutrition label to compare calories, sodium, fat, choose brands that are lower than for our health.
10.Choose the best drink is drinking water and avoid any kind of water that added sugar or sweetener replacement.

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