5 fragrances to relieve stress

The fragrance is not useful just makes feel fresh but it may help to relieve stress or certain illnesses such as...

Cinnamon: reduces fatigue during driving
If you need to drive as far or realized that suffered a traffic jam for a long time, should have a Cinnamon fragrance conditioning spray into a car because findings from the universities in United States found that Cinnamon scent will helps to a driver feel less irritated then also allows a driver concentrate on driving than ever as well.

Orange: reduces anxiety
When you feel anxiety or fear about something, try using a spray conditioning, fragrances or essential oil orange scent. It may help you feel relaxed because findings from the University of Vienna in Austria found that the smell of orange helps patients who are waiting for dental to feel relaxed and mood better than patients who are wait without any smell.

Rose: sweet dream
If you want to sleep as sweet dream, then you should opt for the scent of roses because after researchers have experimented injected rose smell and bad egg while volunteers are sleeping. The results revealed that volunteers who can smell the roses would be sweet dream, but who can smell a bad egg would be nightmare.

Green Apple: reduces migraines
Pulp of green apple not only tastes well and has benefits for the body, even the smell also helps to relieve migraine headaches in some cases as well because smell of green apple to help relieve muscle tension, which often occurs when a headache. Experts recommend that When you started to feel a headache, you should eat a green apple or bath with a shower cream or soap green apple scent.

Peppermint: stimulates the body and memory
The results revealed that people who can smell of Peppermint while exercising to significantly accelerate the exercising longer and stronger. In addition, the study found that Peppermint smell allows who can sniffing to have better memory and ability to concentrate when compared with those not sniffing anything.

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