Fractale Original Soundtrack

Fractale Original Soundtrack
Fractale Original Soundtrack
Published By : Sony Music Entertainment
Release Date : 27 April 2011
Catalog No. : ESCL-3677
Number of Discs : 1

3.Kono Kouryoutaru Yononaka de
4.Nessa no Waltz
5.Nessa wa Suki no Koto ga Suki
6.Nessa wa Kirai no Koto ga Kirai
7.Hiru no Hoshi
8.Ittoki no Ansoku
9.Mura Matsuri no Oto
10.Kozeriai, Oosawagi
11.Satoyama no Koukei
12.Souin no Norito
13.Dias no Prelude
14.Nessa no Bousou
15.Hibi no Kate Nomi no Tame no Roudou to Kueki Kara
16.Granites no Katsudou Nisshi
17.Granites no Inbou
18.Granites no Tousou
19.Hitobashira no Miko
20.Mirai he no Tabiji
21.Salley Garden

Fractale is an anime full of surprises and twists. It's the story of an island governed by the Fractale system. Fractale is doing everything for our sake. There were quite a lot of questions wavering around in my mind. The animation is pretty. The art in Fractale is very reminiscent of Miyazaki’s style. The effects look very good. The many machines are meticulously detailed and the backgrounds are bursting with vibrant colors. The first few episodes focus on the lighthearted Nessa who speaks like a 5 year old. I enjoyed every episode, and it was genuinely bittersweet to finish the series.

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