Young Chinese have secretly created the Iron Man Mark 1 suite

Iron Man Mark 1 suite
Wang Xiakang young inventors Chinese 25-year-old who became a true fan of Iron Man since it was a Hollywood movie in 2008. The hero in steel armor has become the inspiration for his creativity gadget that magically come out a lot. Whether it was the mask of Iron Man, exact replicas of each come out as the best. The arc reactor is a micro atomic interactions, which provides power to the Iron Man suite as well as arms and laser hands weapons.

Wang XiaKang start their own inventions from searching on Google and eventually him found the forum to talk about the suite and items used in Iron Man film. He went on to find behind the Iron Man movie and watch movies Iron Man Blu-ray version every day and on February 2011, He was born the idea to develop the Iron Man Mark III suite but he felt that materials used to make a mask that is too thick. So he changed to made Mark I suite, which Tony Stark used jailbreak in the movie Episode 1. After that, parts of the Mark I was built since the mask to the whole suite. Even though he was injured during created Mark I suite, Wang did not discourage. Finally, he has led the suite which is complete and realistic as possible to input show

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