Fate/Extra 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Caster

Fate/EXTRA Caster [Fate/EXTRA] Complete Figure Phat Company, Official Fate/Extra Figure, Height: approx. 200mm
Caster (Fate/EXTRA) キャスター [Fate/EXTRA] (きゃすたー [ふぇいと/えくすとら]) of Fate/EXTRA Become Caster's master, this tiny fox can follow you to the top of the planet. The fox ears and tail perked up, whereas she held her right hand up within the form of a fox's head. It forged her shadow on the wall, she is incredibly able to play shadow theater. She may be a mixture of feather lightness and heaviness, though her high clogs and therefore, the mirror pulled her down. She is set to skip.

The altered kimono reveals the slender lines of her shoulder and her legs. The flaps of her giant obi flutter concerning her just like the wings of a golden lined black butterfly. The bow on her head is created of clear blue material, shine a light-weight on her to relish this ripple of blue.

From the PSP game 'Fate/EXTRA' comes a 1/8th scale figure of Caster - the servant who will always follow out her master's orders.

She has been sculpted with careful attention given to her most notable characteristics - from her fox ears and tail to her unique blue kimono. The figure is also posed in a very dynamic pose overflowing with energy, and even has her posed with her right hand shaped like a fox, adding even more to her lovable charm!
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