K-ON! 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Ui Hirasawa (Alter Version)

Ui Hirasawa Alter
K-On! Ui Hirasawa Complete Figure w/"Mattari Yui" Alter, Official K-ON! Figure, Height: approx. 195mm
Ui Hirasawa 平沢 憂 of K-On! けいおん!, Celebrate the K-ON! movie unharness with Ui, Yui's keeper. The hardworking, energetic Ui is pulling her hair up in a very pony tail. She is prepared to travel to wake Yui up because the elder sister rolls around in her pajamas. The cleanly sculpted figure portrays Ui's details all the way down to the chocolate-coloured strands that escape from her clutch.

The figure manufacturers at Alter creates an everyday morning scene at Yui's home. The slippers could be a heat bit to the figure and also the Chibi Yui could be a playful one. place them along to finish the scene or place them apart for a spread of show choices.

From K-On! is Ui Hirasawa, the younger sister of the main character Yui Hirasawa!

This Ui is posed in a cute ribbon tying pose looking up at you. It also comes with “Mattari Yui”, a deformed version of relaxed Yui!
Description from Manufacturer

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