Kamisama Dolls

Kamisama Dolls
Kamisama Dolls 神様ドォルズ, The story begins when students of the University of Tokyo's Kyouhei Kuga 枸雅匡平 with departmental fellow's Hibino Shiba 史場日々乃 went to a party at a restaurant, and later both were met puzzle bodies that amid pools of blood in the elevator. After providing a statement to police then Kyouhei got back home and on the way to go home that Kyouhei feel someone is hunting him.

When he came to condominium living, he met with Utao Kuga 枸雅詩緒's younger sister with Kakashi that her controlling which in front of him, but the hassle did not end when Aki Kuga 枸 雅阿 几's childhood friend suddenly appeared with Kakashi of his as well. Aki Kuga immediately attacked Kyouhei Kuga and Utao Kuga but both can dodge. The struggle of the Kakashi of Aki Kuga with Kakashi of Utao Kuga has begun.

Then the situation will continue like this? And why Aki attacked Kyouhe, follow these stories in Kamisama Dolls.

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