Various properties of yogurt

Anyone like to eat yogurt to be very happy because today KINGRPG has benefits of yogurt to tell you.
Properties of yogurt

- People who have diarrhea due to microorganisms in the intestine, but microorganisms in yogurt come to kill all bad bacteria. Eating yogurt can be rapid relieving diarrhea and defecate less.

- In yogurt has been fat called conjugated linoleic it can help prevent heart disease.

- 1 cup low-fat yogurt is a source of nutrients, including 11 species and each type is important for good health, Such as Iodine, Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin B2, Protein, Vitamin B12, Tritophan, Potassium, Molybdenum, Zinc and Vitamin B5. People who eat yogurt a regular basis will longevity and strength.

- Even though it is made ​​from milk, but yogurt provides protein and calcium higher than regular milk because our intestine cannot digest milk, yogurt can be digested very easily because in yogurt has lactic acid to help digest calcium to be smaller and make the body can absorb to use.

- General microorganisms may injure the body but Lactobacillus in yogurt is good microbes that your body needs. It will stop growing of bacteria "Helicobacter pylori" that causes gastritis, reduces inflammation of the intestine and arthritis. It also acts as anti microorganisms that will make you cervical cancer, women should eat yogurt on a regular basis during the menstrual cycle.

- High calcium from yogurt will make women strong bones, prevents osteoporosis, high blood pressure, colon cancer and also stimulates your metabolism system, it allowing you to be slim down quickly without being tired.

- It makes your mouth is clean, vanquish bad breath and gum disease.

- Increase the body's immunity because bacteria in yogurt makes the body can synthesize vitamin K and B better in the intestine.

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