Great Milk must be clean enough to eat

Great Milk
Drinking Milk with regular exercise will help build bone density, prevents osteoporosis in the long run, and also improves the growth affects the height of the child. For this reason, parents begged and forced children to drink milk every day. Milk contains calcium and nutrients, such as "vitamin B12" to help build red blood cells, "carbohydrate" energy to the body, "magnesium" gives strength to the muscles, "phosphorus" creates energy to the cells in body, and makes strong bones.
Fresh Milk
Here, we will mention about fresh milk that has been divided for sale by the shopping cart for sale milk in the street or shops along the street that sale usually fresh milk with bread or cookies, because milk of this kind may run the risk of contamination of Bacillus cereus, because the seller will receive the raw milk from the farm and bring to boil and mix a little sugar to add sweetness. If in the process of preparing to cook, then containers are not clean enough, and boiled with heat is not high enough, or kept in unhygienic conditions and improper temperature. It can be harmful to consumers.

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