R-15 ED Single - HIRAMEKI! Peace

R-15 ED Single - HIRAMEKI! Peace
R-15 ED Single - HIRAMEKI! Peace
Published By : wint
Release Date : 27 July 2011
Catalog No. : AMG-7035
Number of Discs : 1

1.HIRAMEKI! Peace (Original Version)
2.HIRAMEKI! Peace (Original Karaoke)
3.HIRAMEKI! Peace (Instrumetnal)
5.Fukune no Clarinet

R-15 story starts off pretty average. There are tons of panty shots and nose bleeds. The art is of really high quality, and the style is quite pleasing to the eyes. The backgrounds were well drawn and had focus. The Opening and Ending are great, very upbeat and full of life. Half of the final episode is pretty much a music video. I enjoyed the story and the interactions between most of the characters. Fukune was fairly boring through the beginning, but she really does become much more interesting later. Totally good anime for those wishes to have an anime safe enough to be watched anytime anywhere.

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