Softenni Character Song & Drama CD

Softenni Character Song & Drama CD
Softenni Character Song & Drama CD
Published By : wint
Release Date : 6 July 2011
Catalog No. : LHCA-5131
Number of Discs : 1

1.Dai 1 Set Sounan
2.Ten Takaku Moyamoyaru Sainou
3.Dai 2 Set Gyakkyou
4.Seishun Jump Chokkyuu Fight
5.Dai 3 Set Hanto
6.Softenni Bu "Buchou no Kokoroe" Tokuige ni
7.Dai 4 Set Tokimiki
8.Daisuki ah! Daisuki ah! Daisuki
9.Dai 5 Set Reikan
10.Zettai Kaihou Softenni Soul!
11.Dai 6 Set Okaeri
12.Fuka...No! Ka...No!!

Softenni is primarily a slice of life comedy with ecchi. The story is pretty much about a female tennis team trying to overcome all the challenges. The characters show a unique element to an already dysfunctional tennis team. The basic setting is the Soft Tennis Club want to win nationals and then go onto Wimbledon. In many shows I see that the borders are often uncolored or the backgrounds are often undetailed. The dialogue was the main focus of the anime. There were a few notable moments where there was great music being played. It has a great dose of nudity as well as a good dose of comedy.

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