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Facebook Timeline
During the meeting at F8 Developer's conference held in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has come to surprise participants again with the introduction of changes in various aspects of Facebook. That the most notable seems to be the new feature called Timeline. It is fundamental to operation looks more like writing the user history by using images and videos in the past added to a profile page for friends can see your life in the past and present.

Timeline of Facebook works like your picture album. It will sort and filter as well as updates' photos, videos, activities that you like to do to create as your personal life presentation. Which can help reflect your own more than the old profile page. Moreover, Timeline was created can also move forward or backward as well. You can go back to the first image for your birthday. Interesting issue is while the Timeline allows users to present the story of their lives more interesting and deep, but on the other hand, it is critical to the issue of privacy more closely as well.

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