Ao no Exorcist Original Soundtrack 2

Ao no Exorcist Original Soundtrack 2
Ao no Exorcist Original Soundtrack 2
Published By : Aniplex
Release Date : 28 September 2011
Catalog No. : SVWC-7791
Number of Discs : 1

1.BGM Teki-suite 1st-Mov.:E Senjou-Aria
2.BGM Teki-suite 2nd-Mov.:Technology ORCH.
3.BGM Teki-suite 3rd-Mov.:Hyou X (I+Hen)
4.BGM Teki-suite 4th-Mov.:BOBOBO Bo~n
5.IiMuRoYa-$.feat 1st-Mov.:M
6.IiMuRoYa-$.feat 2nd-Mov.:CHaos+CHorus
7.IiMuRoYa-$.feat 3rd-Mov.:HEiW@->KiZUN@
8.IiMuRoYa-$.feat 4th-Mov.:N-tone
9.Nichijou You de SUIT 1st-Mov.:Juuken Kyoudai GEKIBANger
10.Nichijou You de SUIT 2nd-Mov.:Juuken Kyoudai GEKIBANger-Returns
11.Nichijou You de SUIT 3rd-Mov.:Juuken Kyoudai GEKIBANger-Forever
12.Nichijou You de SUIT 4th-Mov.:Juuken Kyoudai GEKIBANger-The Final
13.Koukyou $weet 1st-Mov.:st-RING
14.Koukyou $weet 2nd-Mov.:STN-blood
15.Koukyou $weet 3rd-Mov.:call ME
15.Koukyou $weet 4th-Mov.:f
16.CORE PRIDE (TV size)
18.Take off (TV size)
19.IN MY WORLD (TV size)
20.Wired Life (TV size)

Ao no Exorcist story was so tightly packed into the first three episodes. The story is rich with humor, drama, action, and so much more. The storyline in connection with the characters and their motivations actually seems believable. The art is perfect for me, it has angular lines with some soft coloring in contrast with bright colors. The opening and ending is pretty good. There was appropriate music in the appropriate scenes. The main enemy on the otherside is extremely creepy and scary. The characters are fun and genuine. I definitely recommend it.

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