Chrome may overtake Firefox by the end of this year

Chrome overtake
StatCounter statistical analysis website has revealed the latest information that the market share using the Chrome browser from anywhere in the world during the past month is 23.6% pursue Firefox just approximately 3%, while IE is still dominant as ever, despite the share dropped less than half (41.7%). Interesting issues is that Chrome is the browser that the rate growth in the users' market share around the world is very interesting because this year its share has increased to 8%, while Firefox decreased 4%, and IE decreased to 9%.

If the rate of growth continues to be like this, Chrome will have its market share increase to 26.6% within the next two months, while if Firefox continues to maintain the level of growth as it was, then it will have the market share increase at 25.3%, This means that Chrome will become the No. 2 instead of Firefox. While Firefox is speeding up with a new release every 6 weeks, but the came back result is a problem that occurs on private and business users who have to wait to update their add-on, and confuse users with an interface that changes too often. However, Mitchell Baker, Firefox's president and the owner of Mozilla still committed to the policy that the faster release a new version of firefox is the right direction.

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