Freshman girl group 'C-REAL' to officially debut on October 12th

On October 11th, NAP Entertainment the agency of 'C-REAL' revealed that they would debut the first album 'Round 1' on October 12th. Which has 6 songs in the album, and they have also invited many leading producers such as Choi Kap Won, Brave Brothers, Kim Do Hoon, PJ, Wheesung, and Shinsadong Tiger.
'C-REAL' consists of five young members as follows: Chemi - Kim Yong Won 金鏞元 (18), Lady - Lee Da Hee 이다희 (17), Effy - Lee Ji Hoon 이지훈 (17), NJay - Jo Yeo Woon 조여운 (16), Leni - Lee Yoo Jin 이유진 (15). They will launch with the title song 'No No No No No' from the work produced by Brave Brothers and Choi Kap Won.

Moreover, Choi Kap Won and NAP Entertainment had the special training 'C-REAL' group for more than two years before they are ready for debut into the Kpop music industry at a later time.

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