Google Earth surpassed 1 billion downloads

Google Earth program to help brings the world into the computer and allows us to flip and rotate our planet as well as zoom in and zoom out as needed. All photos were taken from a satellite, and most-recent Google Earth can also run on smartphones and tablets like a computer, the free program also has surpassed 1 billion download times.
Google Earth
"We’re proud of our one billion milestone, but we’re even more amazed at the way people have used Google Earth to explore the world." Brian McClendon, vice president of engineering for Google Earth and Google Maps has posted on the company blog.

Additionally, Google's OneWorldManyStories website that collects stories from people around the world who use Google Earth to chase their own dreams, or discover new places, or even to make the world more livable. McClendon said Normal users will use Google Earth to look for places where they've been to visit or find out about such places, such as restaurants or services, but there are many users who use Google Earth to create, for example Prof. David Kennedy of Western Australia University who uses Google Earth to scan the area several thousand kilometers in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, or Barnaby Gunning the architect that after the occurrence of massive earthquake on 6 April 2009 in Italy then he was trying to convince people to help create a new 3D city models.

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