iModela mini 3D model printer

iModela iM-01 is the portable 3D model printer works by using the small drill for penetrating an object to rest on parts of the model that the user needs. The machine was designed similar to inkjet printer, but its price up to $ 1,000 (This price is not suitable for purchase as kids toys.) The machine will be connected to computer via USB port, which is controlled by software for making 3D model that you created. The basic function of iModela iM-01 will allow users to create various action models as needed. The piece of work will be constructed from materials such as plastic, wax, wood, foam.

After a designer has already created the piece of work, after that the next step is to collect details since assembled various components into one piece, scrub the joints to smooth by using sandpaper before led to clean and spray primer, then paint with colors that designer wants to paint before put more details in different parts as the final step. However, to create a model would take fairly long time that iModela iM-01 will be able to etch plastic object before be formatted as desired, but believe that a 3D model printer in the near future will be able to run faster, and most importantly, It should be cheaper as well.

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