Microsoft Windows 8 new Task Manager

Windows 8 Task Manager
Information from Building Windows 8 blog by Ryan Haveson, Microsoft's team management program revealed the fundamental problem exists in the Task Manager that they want to create a tool that is designed good, depth, and modern. In addition, they also need to fill the gap which allows users who are technicians for the use of outside tools such as Resource Monitor and Process Explorer. Eventually, the team has decided to major improvements for the new Task Manager that comes with Windows 8, especially for managing and delivering better information than ever before.

For the Task Manager on Windows 8 will be cleaner than ever before, and it would be added more details buttons to allow a technical user can still access the original function. Additionally, Microsoft has organized Tasks's similar group on the same property and filtered from usage statistics.

Moreover, the information about the use of system resources in various parts has also been indicated by light and dark colors, which allows users to easily observe that what program is using most memory or processing power from the level of intensity of color.

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