No.6 Original Soundtrack 1

No.6 Original Soundtrack 1
No.6 Original Soundtrack 1
Published By : Aniplex
Release Date : 21 September 2011
Catalog No. : SVWC-7790
Number of Discs : 1

1.Spell (TV SIZE)
3.Arashi no Yoru ni
5.Kagayakashii Mirai
7.Hibi no Itonami
8.Thinking Of You
9.Tanoshii Hibi
10.Kisei Bachi
11.Ano Hito wa, Ima
12.Hitori no Toki
13.Static City
15.Risou Naru mono no Ibitsu
16.Kaze no Requiem ~Eriurias~
17.Kaze no Requiem ~Mao no Tami~
18.Michi Naru Sekai
19.Roku Tousei no Yoru (TV SIZE)

No.6 story was a little confused in the beginning. The mystery of the background of the city and the people unravel with each episode. The art is excellent and backgrounds are always magnificent. The music was always seemed to fit in with the idea of the show. The opening is pretty to look at. The relationship between the two characters and the plot both seem to be of equal importance. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a unique anime which is different from all the mainstream anime. To those who love a good story that can make you laugh and cry, this is highly recommended.

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