Tales of Xillia Original Soundtrack

Tales of Xillia Original Soundtrack
Tales of Xillia Original Soundtrack
Published By : avex trax
Release Date : 7 September 2011
Catalog No. : AVCD-38355~7
Number of Discs : 3

Disc 1
1.Master of the Spirits
2.The Enshrined Spirit
3.The Four Great Spirits' Divine Protection
4.Wishing for a Dear World
5.Rushing After School
6.Tales of Xillia
7.A Royal City Enveloped by the Night
8.Rampant Malice
9.Clenching the Fists
10.Delight in Victory
11.The Root of Evil
12.Desperate Situation
13.Daring Sword
14.The Lands of Other Countries
15.Covered Truth
16.Brief Rest
17.A Mountain Village in the Dawn
18.Overflowing Nature
19.Life or Death
20.Losing the Battle
21.The Village of the Spirits
22.Overlapping Ripples
23.Creeping Shadow
24.Captivated by the Journey
25.A Merchant Town Full of Life
26.Unexpected Impact
27.Enveloped in Tenderness
28.Milla's Theme ~Mission~
29.Illuminated by the Sunlight
30.A Beloved Hometown
31.Traversing Silence
32.Believe in Me

Disc 2
1.That Sword, Dancing Magnificently
2.A Mecca for Battles
3.Melee Dance!
4.Melancholic Memories
5.A Lord's City Towering in the Mountains
6.Gaius's Theme ~Supremacy~
7.Devil of the Sky
8.The Sea of Clouds Below
9.Master of the Sky
10.Soaking Presage
11.That Fist, Decision in a Blink
12.Waves of Great Evil
13.The Lord's Invasion
14.A Palace Bathed in Sunlight
15.Believe in My Flag
16.Indomitable Will
17.The Root of the Lives Taken Away
18.The Fleet Takes to the Skies
19.Invading Corps
20.Fire Rain in the Swamplands
21.Crumbling Under the Feet
22.The Whereabouts of the Melee!
23.Unstoppable Plan
24.Jin Weapon
25.All-Out War on the Sea
26.The Moving Gigantic Ship
27.Her Treasure
28.Disappearing into the Sea
29.Words of the Genocide Spirit
30.The Blocking World
31.The Meaning of the Mission
32.Between Tragedy and Hatred

Disc 3
1.Jude's Theme ~Determination~
2.Indomitable Fists that Know No Equal
3.The Wavering Spirit World
4.Crush the Creaking World
5.A City of Another Civilization
6.The World Sinking into Darkness
7.My Sword Shall Open the Way
8.Builders of Another World
9.Interstitial World
10.Krsnik's Spear
11.Battle for a Future to Believe In
12.Believe in People's Potential
13.To a New Era
14.Their Steps, and the Present
15.Believe in Change
16.Remote Labyrinth
17.Take Pride on Your Present Self

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