Tiger & Bunny Original Soundtrack

Tiger & Bunny Original Soundtrack
Tiger & Bunny Original Soundtrack
Published By : Lantis
Release Date : 19 October 2011
Catalog No. : LACA-9219
Number of Discs : 2

Dics 1
1.HEROES N.C. 1978
2.The Hero of Heroes
4.Father and Daughter
5.The Volition
8.Family Union
9.Fact or Fable
10.Schtellenbilt Shocks
11.The Ice Princess
12.Roar like a Tiger!
13.Hero's Action
14.The Mechanic
15.The Mechanic Mk.II
17.The Faith to Believe
21.Enduring Passion
22.The Red Moon
23.The Voice of Thanatos
24.Power for the Future
26.False Memory

Disc 2
2.The Bonding
3.The Future
4.Heroes Mission
5.Crystal City
6.After a Time
7.Hero's Bar
8.After a Time -Sax-
9.The Hero Buff
10.Office Hours
11.March of Uroboros
12.Fiat Lux ~Seisho "Hikariare" Yori~
13.The Door Leading to Darkness
14.Chase TIGER & BUNNY
16.Light and Shadow
17.The End of Days
18.Natsu no Koi wa Otsukare Summer

Tiger & Bunny is pretty much the usual superhero fare. Superheroes are real, and they're the latest and greatest tool for capitalism. I really enjoyed this anime a lot, it was entertaining from beginning to end. The characters are wonderful. I noticed that they had a little bit of everyone in the main cast. Everyone had a reason for being there and were not just an extra to fill in time. The music gave a good feel to the anime. Cinematic and exuberant would be the words to describe the soundtrack. Even the instrumentals in the backgrounds work so well. This series is funny, heartwarming, maybe not particularly insightful.

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