Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack
Published By : Square Enix
Release Date : 14 December 2011
Catalog No. : SQEX-10296~9
Number of Discs : 5

Disc 1
1.Final Fantasy XIII-2 Overture
2.Beautiful Heroes
3.Final Fantasy XIII-2 ~A Wish~
4.Knight of the Goddess
5.Eternal Fight
6.God of War
7.An Arrow Through Time
9.Giant Impact
10.A World Without Cocoon
12.Noel's Theme
13.New Bodhum
14.New Bodhum -Aggressive Mix-
15.Paradigm Shift
16.Glorious Fanfare
17.Groovy Chocobo
18.Final Fantasy XIII-2 ~Future~
19.Historia Crux
20.Worlds Collide

Disc 2
1.Invisible Invader
2.Invisible Invader -Aggressive Mix-
3.Last Hunter
4.Congratulatory Fanfare
5.Battle Tracks
6.Missing Link
7.Recollection for the Future
9.Eclipse -Aggressive Mix-
10.Hope's Theme ~Confidence~
11.Song of Time
12.Ruined Hometown
13.Ruined Hometown -Aggressive Mix-
14.Labyrinth of Time
15.Book of Prophecies
16.Caius's Theme
17.Eyes of Etro
18.Parallel World
19.Parallel World -Aggressive Mix-

Disc 3
1.Interval of Time
2.Stigmata of an Oath
3.Limit Break!
4.Starting Over
5.Starting Over -Aggressive Mix-
6.Fight Pudding with Pudding
7.Plains of Eternity
8.Plains of Eternity -Aggressive Mix-
9.Xanadu, Palace of Pleasure
10.Rodeo de Chocobo
11.Win or Lose
12.Condition Omega
13.Promised to Chaos
14.Yeul's Theme
15.Synchro Drive
16.Augusta Tower
17.Augusta Tower -Aggressive Mix-
18.The City of Academia
19.Theme of the Academy

Disc 4
1.A Broken Wonder
2.Crazy Chocobo
3.The Shadow of Valhalla
4.Countless Farewells
5.Empty Solitude ~Game Over~
6.Serah's Theme ~Memory~
7.Noel's Theme ~The Last Journey~
8.Lightning's Theme ~Unguarded Future~
9.The Gate of Etro
10.Tears of the Goddess
11.Labyrinth of Chaos
12.The Ruler of Time and Space
13.Heart of Chaos
14.A Promise for the Future
15.Invisible Depths
16.Eternal Paradox
17.To a Land of Hope
18.Metashield Expansion
19.A World Without a Goddess
20.Ending Roll
21.[hidden track]

Disc 5
1.Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer [E3 Expo 2011 Japanese voice Ver.]
2.Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer [Final Trailer (Special Music Edition)]

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