C3 Original Soundtrack

C3 Original Soundtrack
C3 Original Soundtrack
Published By : King Records
Release Date : 21 December 2011
Catalog No. : KICA-3174
Number of Discs : 1

1.C3 - Jokyoku
2.Fear In Cube
3.C3 - Zensou Kyoku
4.C3 - Bukyoku
5.Bloody Nostalgia
6.Kanojo no Kodoku
7.Little Madness
9.Destructive Decisive Battle
10.Endless Dance Time
11.You Should Be Together
12.Te wo Tsunai de
13.I'm All Ears
14.Yuuyake Hakubo
15.Always, All Night, Full Power
17.Migikara Hidari ni
18.Fine Save!!
19.Red Comet
20.Silence Music
22.Transient Prayer
23.Don't Touch This
25.Eerie Stillness
26.Kimi wa Kiduka nai
27.Her Secrets
28.Last Mother's Day
29.Kuroi Ketsui
30.Ensemble Arriver
31.Forgotten Meaning
32.The Color Of Pain
33.Serious Matter
34.Small Joy
35.School Life
36.Mou Hitotsu no Tatakai
37.Going Up In Smoke
38.Waltz Of Crow
39.Far East Mystery
40.Trauma to Kinji
41.Individual Dance
42.End Of Overture
43.Juusan Ban Kikou
44.Danger Zone
45.Winning Run C
46.Often Stumbling

story enters around a boy named Haruaki Yachi who one day recieves a black cube from his father. That black cube is actually a girl named Fear. The anime features two different OP and ED themes, despite being 12 episodes long. The voices fit the characters really well. The plot was really confusing, mainly because the series was way too rushed. The BGM and sound effects were all used effectively and at the right time. There are few characters, but more are introduced on last episode's ending. I would recommend it to an anime lover who has time to run through an ecchi anime.

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