Maken-ki OP Single - Fly Away

Maken-ki OP Single - Fly Away
Maken-ki OP Single - Fly Away
Published By : Nippon Columbia
Release Date : 2 November 2011
Catalog No. : COCC-16517
Number of Discs : 1

1.Fly Away
2.Ai no Uta
3.Fly Away (Instrumental)
4.Ai no Uta (Instrumental)

Maken-ki anime is truly great. The story takes place in a high school that has just changed over to coed. It's an action anime based superpower school life series. The Plot is nice and fun to follow. The protagonist wants to protect all the girls so he end up joining the school counsel. This anime has an amazing art style, and the voice actors were chosen to fit there rolls perfectly. The sound where great throughout the series. I really enjoyed this series for what it was. It's one of my favorite Harems. The mix of harem, action, comedy with fan service.

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